Simplified processes for strategic planning that works

Associations are often so busy just getting the work done, they end up making the wrong strategic choices or missing important opportunities. They let the future just happen to them, rather than shaping it. Once they become aware of this, of course, they want to do better, so they turn to strategic planning to help them be more proactive.

Unfortunately, too many end up with a lengthy and expensive strategic planning process that doesn't end up accomplishing much in the end. That's not shaping the future either.

The secret to effective strategic planning is in simplifying the process so your people can live it on an ongoing basis—from choosing priorities through to strategic implementation—based on real-time learning. This is mostly about strategy, not planning. MSP's strategic planning consulting offers a variety of different processes that are customized to build your organization's capacity for being strategic all the time, not just during the strategic planning retreat.

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